Saturday, 8 February 2014

9/11 Truther crashs Superbowl post-game interview

Matthew Mills, 30, from Brooklyn, N.Y. managed to lie him way past the multi-million dollar security mechanism at this years Superbowl 2014 pro football league championship. He told a security guard he was "late for work" implying he was part of the media team. Once inside he snuck up to the media desk where MVP Malcolm Smith was giving his post game interview, and took the opportunity to quickly steal the microphone and make his announcement to the whole nation as well as internationally where is it available on satellite/cable pay channels. This is the complete transcript of what Matthew said:
MILLS: "Investigate 9/11...9/11 was perpetrated by people inside our own government"
SMITH "Aiight...Is everyone alright?"

More awkward than the 9/11 allegations by Mills was the MVP's response - it was kind of like checking if anyones ears or pyschological condition was effected from being beat with the stick of truth.

Peter Caroll, who is the coach of the winning team Seattle Seahawks is also himself a 9/11 truther, and US media have largely ignored his comments on the matter. A google news search brought up only 1 result for US news and it was tucked away in a yahoo news blog. Iranian channel PRESS TV was the best coverage however due to claims of anti-semitism (i.e. any criticism of Israel, justified or not) the news outlet has been banned in the UK and intermittantly banned in the US as part of UN economic sanctions. The point is that if you live in UK or US you may not have access to PRESS TV. So here is the Press TV article reproduced for all you unable to access

See also this new video uploaded Feb 7,2014 by Alex Jones Infowars

Since 9/11, the Super Bowl - America’s biggest annual event - has been drenched in war propaganda. The championship of American football, watched by more than 110 million Americans, the Super Bowl has become an orgy of flag-waving exhortations to “support the troops” who are allegedly defending what remains of the Americans’ freedom.

This year’s Super Bowl was different.

The Seattle Seahawks, coached by 9/11 truth-seeker Pete Carroll, crushed the Denver Broncos 43-8 and became the world champions of American football. It was a huge victory for Seattle and coach Carroll - and at least a small victory for the forces of peace and truth.

Last spring, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll became a legend in the 9/11 truth community by grilling the ex-US Army Chief of Staff four-star General Peter Chiarelli, about the 9/11 inside job. (I discussed this incident in my recent Press TV article “A 9/11 Truth Super Bowl?”)

On Sunday, 9/11 truth supporters gathered in living rooms and public houses all over America to cheer for coach Carroll’s Seattle Seahawks. Carroll’s underdogs delivered one of the most stunning and overpowering victories in the history of American football, crushing the favored Denver Broncos in every phase of the game.

The media had lined up against the Seahawks. Besides casting the rival Denver Broncos as favorites, America’s lamestream newspapers and TV and radio channels spent much of the two weeks before the game bashing the Seahawks as loudmouths and troublemakers. Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, the best pass defender in football, was raked over the coals of the mainstream media for bragging and celebrating too enthusiastically. (White media mouthpieces who called Sherman a “thug” were widely suspected of racism.)

Maybe it was just a coincidence, but immediately after the story about Pete Carroll being a 9/11 truther began to go viral in the blogosphere, the media suddenly started bashing Seattle. Oddly, the orchestrated media attack on Seattle as a bunch of unruly loud-mouths seemed to be obliquely targeting 9/11 truth supporter Pete Carroll. Yet the mainstream media was afraid to directly refer to Carroll’s support for 9/11 truth, for fear of helping promote a long-overdue national conversation on the subject.

The “official blogosphere,” however, had no such reservations. These are the corporate-sponsored pseudo-blogs that pretend to represent ordinary people, but actually operate as part of the official mind-control apparatus. These second-tier megaphones of the mainstream media’s Mighty Wurlitzer spent the two weeks before the Super Bowl attacking and mocking Pete Carroll for supporting 9/11 truth.

But the attacks backfired. Pete Carroll became a hero of the 9/11 truth movement, which according to polls includes more than 100 million Americans. And now Carroll’s Super Bowl triumph has made him a target for widespread admiration, not mockery.

Since Pete Carroll has become one of the most successful coaches in history thanks to his tremendous Super Bowl victory, will the mainstream media finally report on his questions about 9/11? I doubt it.

Those who want to spread 9/11 truth, the most important American political message since Paul Revere’s ride, will have to find creative ways of conveying this potentially world-changing censored information.

One such creative 9/11 truth supporter was already at work just minutes after the game ended. Breaking the mainstream media blackout, this young man managed to commandeer the microphone during a post-Super Bowl interview in Seattle’s locker room to inform tens of millions of viewers: “Investigate 9/11! 9/11 was perpetrated by people within our own government.”

Outraged headlines quickly erupted: “9/11 conspiracy theorist interrupts Super Bowl MVP’s press conference!”

One Zionist pseudo-blog responded with an angry, incoherent rant:

“Pete Carroll’s Seahawks won a Super Bowl across the river from Manhattan, which is almost like winning across the street from the Free Mason hall. Nevertheless, even though the Seahawks triumphed, Carroll had his Truther storm troopers cut off his players during post-game interviews to further their agenda.”

Winning across the river from Manhattan is ALMOST like winning across the street from Free Mason hall?! Christopher Bollyn’s book Solving 9/11 explains that New York’s B’nai B’rith chapter controls American freemasonry and was deeply involved in the 9/11 false flag events; presumed members include the confessed demolisher of World Trade Center Building 7, Larry Silverstein, and the corrupt judge who has quashed all genuine 9/11 litigation, Alvin Hellerstein, both of whom attend the same synagogue, which allegedly functions as de facto B’nai B’rith world headquarters. So 9/11 truth supporter Pete Carroll won his overpowering Super Bowl victory just a few miles away from where the murderous controlled demolitions of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers were plotted and carried out.

Now that Pete Carroll has become a huge celebrity, will the treasonous forces that suppress 9/11 truth force him to recant?

The professional traitors who cover up 9/11 used threats and physical attacks to drive 9/11 truth philanthropist Jimmy Walter out of the USA. They manufactured scandals to assail Charlie Sheen, possibly with the help of “crazy pills.” Their “terrorist threats” forced then-US Senator Mark Dayton, who had just excoriated the 9/11 cover-up on the floor of the Senate, to evacuate his entire staff from Washington, DC and announce his retirement.

They ruined the political careers of Congressional Representatives Cynthia McKinney and Curt Weldon. They chased Steven Jones and yours truly out of the academy. They murdered Senator Paul Wellstone, and may have “sent a message” to Congressman Dennis Kucinich, whose family members suddenly began dying when the Congressman announced he would investigate the 9/11 “put options.”

There are dozens of 9/11-related “suspicious deaths.”

I suspect Pete Carroll may be getting a message one way or another (or he may have already gotten the message): “Either take back what you have already said, or, at the very least, keep your mouth shut about 9/11 from now on.”

I hope Carroll tells them to go to hell, and uses his post-Super Bowl superstardom to draw attention to groups like Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Perhaps he could even help organize NFL players to come out for 9/11 truth.

Such moves would take immense courage and patriotic commitment. But coach Carroll, who had the guts to grill a four-star general about the 9/11 inside job, is obviously a brave and patriotic man.

Regardless of how Pete Carroll chooses to use the post-Super Bowl media spotlight, let us hope and pray that more and more Americans will find the same kind of courage he found last spring during his meeting with General Chiarelli. The eventual result could be a smashing, epic victory for truth and justice.