Thursday, 6 February 2014

Feminist "Free Bleeding" trend gains attention

Kelly Jo, a blogger writing for is creating quite a stir in social media this week with her blog entitled "Letting Ourselves Bleed".

The controversial feminist believes it to be a liberating experience, here's a quote:

"More of a mindset than it is an action, the idea is, as this blog title gives away, letting ourselves bleed. No judgement, no worries about messiness or cleanliness. Just letting it happen.

This might look different for different menstruators. We are always, technically, “letting” ourselves bleed. There are no menstrual plugs (thank god). But how often do we take a second, or a few, or a whole menstrual cycle, to mentally let our body do it’s thing. And appreciate it for what it does.

Here’s an assignment: Get comfortable, wear something you don’t mind bleeding in (heck, this might even include a tampon! remember, this is about you and what’s comfortable for you) or lay on your bed naked with sheets you don’t mind bleeding on, and focus your thoughts on letting yourself bleed."


As a male, I'm obviously not qualified to comment on such issues...but I invite all females reading this, whether you agree or disagree with this trend, to leave a comments below.