Saturday, 8 February 2014

Sochi Olympic Ring Fail was intentional

Worldwide sporting fans were hyped up in Sochi as the opening ceremony kicked off last night.

But amongst the fanfare of special effects and classical choreography, the white elephant in the room - that awkward moment when the last olympic ring failed to open and join the other 4 rings.

Some inside sources close to the organising committee have revealed to us in a Whitsunday Examiner exclusive interview that the infamous Sochi Olympic Ring Fail was Putin's subliminal message to US. On the conditions of anonymity the insider had this to say...

"Putin called me just hours before the ceremony and told me US President Barrack Obama, UK Prime Minister David Cameron and German chancellor Angela Merkel were not invited and not welcome to attend, for various reasons such as their stance over Syria, Homosexuality, up to what happened a few days ago with the US diplomat who was caught on tape trying to control the fate of our troubled neighbor and former USSR state Ukraine."

"Each ring on the Olympic official logo is representative of the 5 major continent and last ring, the red one,is represent of America"
"Our grand leader President Putin also tell me this is to let the entire world know that US govt is like the guy is "Meet The Parents/Meet The Fockers"...Gregor I think his name was. Anyway, its about "The circle of trust" and this ring not opening and joining the other circles is a profound symbolisation of their non co-operation. When the "ring fail" - as some you ignoramus western media calls it - went to air, after the message of the moment had time to sink in we reverted to footage from rehearsal of complete rings to demonstrate that we are open to US rejoining the "Circle of Trust" again, but they must stop with their constant attempts to completely control the world. Arming terrorist in Syria thru the CIA on Turkish border, killing Gadaffi - a great african role model leader - then having Hillary Clinton laugh about it on TV is more than just a little shows heart colder than Siberia!"