Friday, 7 February 2014

"F**k The EU" - US Ambassador's leaked phone call

Proof that the US government thinks they rule the world. This is your wake up call.

Is it really up to the US to decide anything about any other country other than themselves?

Is this the absolute height of awkwardness?

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland has really put her foot in her mouth after a phone call with her US ambassadore counterpart in Ukraine's capital city Kiev.

Rather than fire Nuland for the deeply embarrasing and inappropriate comments, US Officials focused their energy on distracting the media by blaming Russia for the leak.

In the audio recording Nuland and her collegue are discussing who should be in charge of Ukraine. On top of that the US announced today, despite the homelessness of a growing number of Americans, that "the United States is ready to provide financial support to Ukraine if the country implements the necessary political reforms" senior US diplomat Victoria Nuland said at a press conference. She also said she would not comment on her conversation with the US ambassador to Ukraine, in which the two discussed who should be in the next Ukrainian government.

So it's official now : the US government (or powerful elements within it) are meddling with other countries affairs. Hopefully this will open up the eyes of those who have long criticised and discredited the so-called 'conspiracy theorists'.

What next will be discovered? 9/11 was an inside job? Perhaps not, but in the information age anything could happen as secrets are hacked, leaked, and rapidly disseminated online. Hail to the internet!

UPDATE: Attempted plane hijack from Ukraine to Sochi,Russia was foiled. This story is quite unbelieveable...the hijacker was said to be drunk, pilots fooled him to believe the plane was landing in sochi when in fact it was on its regular flight path to istanbul, Turkey and 2 other significant details missing in the story.

What is the hijackers identity? Was he detained and charges laid? Hmmmm...