Monday, 10 February 2014

Tony Abbott gives $16M thanks to Cadbury chocolate

Wearing his sponsorship on his sleeve, right above other sponsor "The church of Jesus Christ and the latter day saints" (aka Mormons)

Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, has thanked his cycling sponsor Cadbury chocolates with much more than a box of "Roses" chocolates.

"On behalf of myself and my fellow choco-lovin' australians, I offer, as a modest thank you gesture the sum of $16,000,000 to Cadbury." Mr Abbott said in a national press conference this week.
As the Roses ad goes:
"Thank you very much for the grant you've given, thank you very much, thank you very very much!"

His 2013 cycling sponsorship was in support of numerous charities, according to Tony Abbott's website (now deleted but recovered using 'The Internet Archive')

"Pollie Pedal has raised $2.5 million for organisations such as the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health within the Sydney Medical School at the University of Sydney, the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Ronald McDonald House, Youth Insearch, and the Paralympic Games, as well as medical research into childhood leukaemia, diabetes, breast cancer and prostate cancer."

So good on Tony for making a difference, right?

Popular Fairfax media blog noted his pharmaceutical company sponsors of the Pollie Pedal have a tarnished record abroad. "In December 2012, AMGEN pleaded guilty to illegally marketing its product Arensep and agreed to pay $US762 million in criminal penalties as well as settlements in related whistle-blower lawsuits. Arensep is a synthetic version of erythropoietin – EPO – an artificial blood booster that stimulates the production of red blood cells. EPO has valuable uses in the treatment of anaemia and in the 1990s was used enthusiastically – and illegally – by endurance athletes in search of an effective energy boost." - Source:Crikey
Look at the dead centre of the picture - now try to forget what you just saw...the 2 in the elevator are.

So getting back to the Cadbury business - how is it right that Abbott can claim to be charitable whilst threatening the disability pensions of people like this woman who suffers from MS -

Sweet charity for a chocolate factory which is going to undoubtably contribute to Type 2 Diabetes and obesity related illnesses with its piss poor sugar-laden chocolate products, which will benefit the other cycling sponsors AlphaPharm, Pfizer, Roche and AMGEN.

"Looks like what I feed the public whenever I talk" Mr Abbott jokes to Cadbury workers.
On the bright side, expect golden hair nets and Willy Wonka as your tour guide if you visit Cadbury's Tasmanian chocolate factory, for $16,000,000 - I will go apes**t if Willy Wonka isn't there.