Thursday, 6 February 2014

Bayer CEO says new cancer drug only for rich people

Bayer, maker of 'Aspirin' and one of the worlds biggest pharmaceutical corporations has put their foot in it once again, with the CEO announcing that their Nexavar Cancer drug is only for quote "Western Countries Only". Russia Today news investigated the affordability of the drug and found it would take an average american 2 job incomes to be able to access 1 years treatment ($96,000).

For an average person living in India, it would take 45 annual incomes!

Angry Indians have fought back by releasing 'knock-off' versions which has in turn angered Bayer. This company has demonstrated once again that profits always come before people.

It's certainly not the first time Bayer has made themselves look foolish. Their greed shows no bounds, in fact, MS-NBC did a story on Bayer blood transfusion products contaminated with the AIDS virus. When the product was recalled Bayer had the nerve to resell the AIDS contamined product onto other continents!

So when you see one of their ads on TV touting their current product is the most "best selling" or "number 1 trusted brand" you may want to remember and share this blog to your friends and family who are unwittingly buying Bayers products and helping these 'corpo-rat' feed off peoples illnesses.


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