Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Tupac Shakur found alive and well in QLD

The infamous 2Pac was shot back in the 1990's...at least that's the story the world has been led to believe.

Anyone familiar with the Rodriguez story of South Africans being told he died on stage, then having the shock of seeing him in concert in 1998? Moving on...

This week, Tupac Shakur, now 43, has been discovered on an uninhabited island in the popular tourist mecca of Australia - The Whitsundays.

He was spotted by a US marine drone which was operating in a joint military exercise Talisman Sabre. The drone remote pilot saw what at first he believed to be an aboriginal decendant that survived brutal massacre by the last 2 centuries of british colonial genocide.

But a follow up search by CQ search and rescue helicopter uncovered a shocking discovery that has left hip hop fans worldwide rejoicing.

"I saw no changes" Mr. Shakur told W.E.News in a world first exclusive interview. "We weren't likely to have a black president, and when I heard on my shortwave crystal radio that it had finally happened, I was ready to return home. But Obama was the false prophet, I was ashamed to be black, so here I stayed..."

"It's just me against the world baby, and how do you want it? I never wanted it like this, but the world is crazy. I had to escape, my family knew it too, that faking my death was the only way I could get some peace"

When asked if about his future plans, 2Pac sat in silence reflection with his hand stroking his long beard, deep in thought..."I would like to be President, show everyone I can bring the social change where Obama failed, also in my spare time I'd like to take the throne off that self proclaimed 'Rap God' (referring to Eminem's new single from his album MMLP2) and make people love me again, love hip hop, and show them theres hope still."

2Pac's new album "Kast-A-Way" is scheduled for release next month, his record company reviving a standing recording contract forcing him back in the studio immediately.

It will feature the new singles "S**t Ain't Changed", and "Whitsunday Love"