Monday, 10 February 2014

US Navy drone hits its own missile cruiser in 'malfunction'

Whoops! The damage in the side of the USS Chancellorville caused by a malfunctioning practice drone.
Some poor drone operator playing with their remote control joystick somewhere, might get their arse kicked by injured naval colleagues over this mishap.I know I would be more than a little irritated if a drone smashed thru the wall near where I was working :-P ...


The drone model illustrated is the same that hit the cruiser boat

A practice drone has slammed into the hull of the United States Navy's most advanced antimissile cruiser, wounding 2 navy sailors with minor burns. Which only goes to show that "Military" and "Intelligence" are not 2 words that go well together.

Original story: US drone strikes missile cruiser

Australian PM Tony Abbott called up US President Barrack Obama to offer his condolences to the cruisers damaged hull giving his usual "Ah, s**t happens doesn't it" response whenever bad news comes across his radar.