Thursday, 6 February 2014

Pakistani invents "Free Energy" magnet motor

Wasif Kahloon responds to Facebook critics of his proof of concept video of what allegedly is a magnet motor that generates electricity without any input to start it.

"We (are) not afraid from anyone,no one can stop us from working,because Allah with us and we have a big group too.
We can handle them in any condition so no one to worried about that,anyone can't stop us by force and by threats..
We (are) not afraid because life and death in the hand of Allah,we (are) afraid only from our Allah,lets see who died,u need not worried about our life,this project will done at any cost.we cant show our group,we will see who died" Wasif Kahloon (on his Facebook profile on 7/2/14)

The process is said to be based on the Peredev Magnet Motor which was shut down before production could get into full swing by impatient investors who charged him with fraud because Perendev Power did not meet the product release deadlines.

In Australia, 2 inventors in Cairns, QLD made their version of the overunity magnet motor called LEA (Lutec Electrical Amplifier)but again, it mysterious dissapeared after SKY NEWS did a story on it.

Fast forward to later 2000's and their is Muammer Yildiz who presented his motor at Delft University in Holland. The professor their is convinced this magnet motor stuff is the real deal. But again, it has disappeared from the public domain...

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